Love for Bako


I hated Bakersfield. Who doesn’t?Bakersfield_CA_-_sign

I hated the kind of heat that turns you into a paralyzed zombie sitting in front of any source of air conditioning and the stench-soaked dairy farms and the hardly-ever-blue polluted skies and the ring of mountains that turns us into a literal dust bowl.

I hated the Marketplace—that sole hangout all small-town kids will recognize with its generic fountain and single movie theater.

I hated the thought of being from Bakersfield, California instead of somewhere fascinating and interesting. If you’re from Bako, you know that “I’m so sorry” sigh or attempted-politeness that follows the admittance of where you’re from.

So I left. I didn’t stray far, but in my mind Los Angeles was a major upgrade from the so-called “Arm-Pit of the Nation” (Who wants to be from the arm pit of our nation?)

But then I came back. It wasn’t as if everything had suddenly changed into the fascinating hometown of my dreams, but it became cool and interesting in a new way. From the oppressive heat to the fields, to the dust-streaked buildings I started looking at things in a new light, as if leaving had replaced my eyes with a fresh new lens, giving everything a sharper edge.

So that’s why I started this blog. I never want to look at a place from a single lens again. I want to keep my eyes open and take in the world every day as if it’s brand new.

I want to stay interested so that I’ll stay interesting. And the journey begins now.


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