Sin City Fun If You’re Under 21


So, I’m in Vegas for the week. All of my friends are like “SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS . . . oh just kidding, you’re 19. That sucks.”

Yeah, maybe if all you want to do is drink and gamble. Me? I’ve been coming to Vegas every year for dance conventions for a while now and I’ve discovered several entertaining things to do if you’re under 21. Here are my top 5:

  1. Hit The Pool

Grab a paperback (right now, I’m finishing up Pride & Prejudice for the 5th time) and lay out by the pool. If you get easily annoyed by noisy kids and their drunk parents, try to find a spot in the bushes.


  1. Eat

Food as far as the eye can see. There are buffets for those of us on a budget (Feast & Jumbo Buffet) and restaurants for those high rollers like Cut and Le Cirque.

  1. See A Show

Vegas is jam-packed with shows from Cirque de Soleil masterpieces to the Princess of Pop’s Piece of Me show. My personal fave is the Beatles’ inspired show—LOVE—at the Mirage Hotel. Dress up, grab a snack, then sit back and enjoy.

  1. SHOP

One of my personal favorite activities to do at any time really, but Vegas’ Fashion Show Mall makes it especially easy to get a vast number of stores in one place. Most hotels have their own mall inside. Instead of gambling your dollars away, go on a wild shopping spree.


  1. Ride the High Roller

Not for those who are afraid of heights. The Linq High Roller is 550 feet tall and only $26.95 to ride during the day. The ride is pretty long and you get the most glorious view of the Strip.

I’m going to have fun this week. What about you?


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