Listen Up


Here’s what I’ve been listening to:


Artist: Gin Wigmore

Album: Gravel & Wine

Favorite Song: Black Sheep

Favorite Line: Got a pistol for a mouth, my old mama gave me that


There’s something about the combination of Gin’s scratchy-bluesy vocals, her defiant lyrics, and the motivating music in the background that makes you want to hop on a Harley and wreak havoc cross country.


Artist: The Neighborhood

Album: The Love Collection

Favorite Song: West Coast

Best Line: Always hard to see past the surface, when it looks so perfect/But our eyes will disguise dirt on purpose, you listening?


This song’s achingly poetic lyrics and Snoop-esque, laid-back beats perfectly captures that feeling of California beach-side intelligentsia.

stromaeArtist: Stromae

Album: Racine carrée

Favorite Song: Avf

Best Line: Cracher, cracher du cash/et saigner jusqu’à être balafré

(Translation) Spitting, spitting out cash/ we’ll bleed until we are scarred


Everybody needs a little francais on their playlist (and I’m not just talking Que Sera or La Vie en Rose). This song will get you dancing and singing along regardless of your linguistic status.

What are you listening to this week? Let me know some of your current jam obsessions in the comments section.


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