Book Review: A Work In Progress


Title: A Work In Progress

Author: Connor Franta

Favorite quote: [There are too many, but I’ll sprinkle a few through the post]


I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear a young person speak with wisdom beyond their years. Now, I’m not going to pretend I’ve been a Connor Franta fan since the beginning. I’ll admit that I’ve only seen a couple of his videos. This one video in particular, sent to me by my much cooler little sister, was the one that convinced me to read this book.

“I don’t let other people control how I live my life.”

And I’m happy I did. Franta and I are around the same age, but regardless of age this book would resonate with anyone. The insights into youth culture, commentary on identity, and that look into the never-ending quest into discovering who you are in is all tackled between these pages with the levity and humor that Franta is so adored for.

“Without the struggle, the triumph wouldn’t taste as sweet.”

People these days put so much trash out there in the world. It gets tiring, seeing a generation full of self-absorbed, angst-ridden kids who want so badly to “belong” that they lose themselves. Reading A Work In Progress was like having that glass of homemade lemonade in the middle of a blazingly hot afternoon. If more people out in the world stopped living their lives for other people, and started living the life they want to live, we wouldn’t see half the problems we do in this world. All I have to say is, thanks, Connor, for being someone we can all look up to.


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