Listen Up


Here’s what I’m listening to this week:


Artist: J.D. McPherson

Album: Signs & Signifiers

Favorite Song: North Side Gal

Best Line: I got some good talk/But not enough game/Wooin’ a sweet thing/Oh, ain’t it a shame

I discovered J.D. on Spotify’s New Retro playlist (also where I found last music review’s Australian artist, Gin Wigmore). If you have permanent nostalgia for another time, wish that sock hops were still around, and your favorite place to eat is Johnny Rocket’s, then J.D. McPherson is the artist you need to check out.


Artist: X Ambassadors, Jamie N. Commons

Album: VHS

Favorite Song: Low Life

Best Line: Wanna be a better man, but it’s a hard life/Without that love inside you, it’s a cold blind

I’ve been a fan of the X Ambassadors ever since I heard that head banging hit “Jungle.” So when VHS came out, I bought the album without a second thought. There are too many things about this album, and this song in particular that just get to you. For one, that drum that resonates far deeper then you would imagine it could merges with a hesitant, self-doubting soulful crooning that puts words and music to those insecurities we’ve all felt when the going gets rough.

george ezra - 2014 promo image.......George Ezra 05 HI please credit Danny North.jpg

george ezra – 2014 promo image…….George Ezra 05 HI please credit Danny North.jpg

Artist: George Ezra

Album: Wanted On Voyage

Favorite Song: Cassy O’

Best Line: Oh maybe I’m wasting, maybe I’m chasing time/Oh, come on, let’s face it, I’m only ever lost in mine

Now, after a few tears shed and a frosty Blue Moon while listening to “Low Life,” turn to George Ezra for a pick me-up. First of, let’s just talk about the voice on this boy. Deep and bursting with feeling, Ezra could sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I’d put it on repeat. There are several winning tunes on his breakout album Wanted On Voyage (you’ve probably heard the sweet “Budapest” on the radio), but “Cassy O’” just has that bring-a-smile-to-your-face touch we all need every once in a while.


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