Silver Screen Style: Heathers


Mean Girls may be the most quotable cult movie from our generation, but for those of us who find a bit more depth and amusement in morbidity we take it back to 1988 for the darkness and hilarity of Heathers.


Heathers is a personal favorite of mine for a variety of reasons—the brilliant writing (“if you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn’t be a person, you’d be a game show host”) and its stark commentary on teenage angst. But what I want to talk about today is the style.


First off, let’s discuss Veronica’s brooch game. Forget the statement necklace, this perfect pin practically made half of her outfits in the film.


Whether turning up at some lame college or attending one of the many funerals, I highly disagree with the late Heather Chandler’s statement that Veronica couldn’t accessorize for shit.


Heathers3  veronica_and_jd

Now for the blazers. I’ll admit, when I found my favorite oversized cobalt blue blazer in the local thrift shop (shoulder pads included), I felt like I ought to start playing croquet in my friends’ backyard.


While there’s no disagreeing that Heather Chandler’s iconic red blazer with the emblazoned gold detail provides the necessary garb for this reigning Queen Bee, my personal favorite happens to be Veronica’s patchwork blazer made of various shades and patterns, somehow perfect for her quirky and displaced persona.


And finally, for the real style queen of this movie, a round of applause for Heather Duke. I know she turned out to be a raging jerk by the end of this movie, but this girl has style.


Look at her crisp white shirt and plaid suspenders. Just check out that hat at Heather Chandler’s funeral. That mint green with oversized silver studs and the loud flower that someone looks so effortlessly cool and not like a total fashion fail.



And of course, the way she instantly pounced on dead Heather’s red look. This girl knew what she was doing.



And as crazy as he may have been, J.D.’s pointed words can be taken to heart for all the fashionistas out there: “The extreme always seems to make an impression.”


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