Born From The Streets


Some poetry from my personal collection:

Born from the streets,

Bathed in blood

High-score hardcore

Lips kiss pain

Worthless words

Never do stain


Tastes like candy

Burns like acid

Heart of ice?

Heart of stone?

No heart at all?

Vagabonds, wanderers, outcasts, rejects, broken-hearts, betrayed, betrayers, angry, afraid—all pour into the city

Fill the streets

Bathed in blood

Hearts still beating

At least for now

This is the city

City of scars

Of streetlight sun

Of flashlight stars

Rang-ring bells

Siren-call wails

All want to get in

Can’t get out

Glamorous, gorgeous, famous lies

False mirror

Puppet stringing

Screams and laughter

Noose is swinging

One-way out

Take it?

Gates locked?

Find the key

-Haley Beasley


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