Listen Up


Here’s what I’m listening to this week:


Artist: Prince Royce

Album: Single

Favorite Song: Handcuffs

Best Line: You’re the only one who doesn’t try to change me

If you’re a fan of Nick Jonas’ “Chains,” then you’ll be jamming to this song all night long. Smooth beats, quintessential pop vocals, and smart accents make this song a must for all summer party playlists.

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Artist: Melanie Martinez

Album: Dollhouse EP

Favorite Song: Carousel

Best Line: And it’s all fun and games/ ‘til somebody falls in love

Cue the creepy carnival music. Melanie’s sugary sweet voice matched with crashing beats and eerie music gives this song that chilling, look-over-your-shoulder touch. Also, the blonde kid in her music video is hella cute—in a sort of creepy way.

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Lawrence Taylor

Artist: Lawrence Taylor

Album: Single

Favorite Song: Bang Bang

Best Line: Your figure friends are phony, is that what you have them for?

I heard this song and my immediate thought was “where’s the rest of the album?” Imagine my immediate disappointment when I discovered one did not exist on Spotify. Until his inevitable EP surfaces, you can get this gem “Bang Bang” on iTunes, listening to it on repeat and falling deeper and deeper in love—as I already have.

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