Movie Review: The Sisterhood of Night


Have you ever shed “real” tears? Not sad tears or happy tears, but what about those silent tears that sort of slip down your cheek upon being confronted with something so painfully relevant and achingly true that there’s little other reaction to be had?

sisterhood_of_night_stillImage found at

These are the slight tears I shed near the close of The Sisterhood of Night. This resounding and insightful film takes at the lives of four teenage girls—Mary, Catherine, and Lavinia who make up the Sisterhood and Emily—a girl who desperately wants to be part of their quiet group. As the story continues, rumors arise that the members of the Sisterhood are up to far more sinister things than anyone can imagine.

With brilliant performances by all the young actresses, this drama takes a plunging look into the plights of being a teenager and discovering who you are, while living in a world that makes complete privacy almost impossible. It’s insightful, empowering, and will hold onto you long after the final credits roll.

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