The Best and Worst Superhero Couples


I’m not saying they’re the best and worst of all time: just my personal opinions. THE BEST Shadowcat & Colossus In any situation, these two are a killer couple. Both are adorable, loveable characters with a bit of an edge to them. They’re caring, insightful, and complement each other insanely well. This pair is like the high school sweethearts who were lucky enough to have found their soul mate early on. Kitty’s got the brains, Peter’s got the muscles, and they’ve both got loads of heart. Whenever they’re together, they just click. It’s a seamless, dependable relationship and always endearing. 1806480-1803808_colossus_kitty_011 tumblr_lltguxFU5x1qb8wg6 eef8a7a6b633a138b2f89e499f60f420 Black Canary & Green Arrow These guys are just such a hot couple. The blonde & blonde thing is really working for them. It also helps that they’re both insane hand-to-hand fighters and their witty, frustrated banter in Justice League Unlimited makes up some of my favorite episodes. 92295d948544352cfe8b9e38f9754f74 tumblr_mcwehuOhc31qfxwtoo1_1280 arrow-black-canary Green Lantern & Hawkgirl I don’t know what was happening with the whole Green Lantern & Vixen thing in Justice League Unlimited, but die hard fans of this show know that the real winning couple was Green Lantern & Hawkgirl. I mean, come on. The chemistry. The connection. Green Lantern’s military solidarity and Hawkgirl’s warrior insanity? They’re the perfect match. MV5BMTcxNTc1MjI3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjY5ODAwMw@@._V1._SX640_SY432_ shayeraleavsejohn tumblr_mbcc9iWjmt1r5vlcd Rogue & Gambit The whole forbidden love thing is one of those tropes that always brings about intrigue (Romeo & Juliet anybody) and the fact that the “forbidden” edge is a matter of physicality makes the relationship that much more interesting. It leaves a lot of room for Gambit’s fun and swoon-worthy flirting that gets Rogue out of many a self-loathing slump. They’ve also got this sort of rugged American-ness to them that makes them such an odd couple to root for. This relationship is all clunky and dysfunctional, but it works, mainly because these two are nothing but clunky and dysfunctional in their every day lives. A smooth and easy relationship would be boring for these two; thank goodness it’s anything but. Batman & Catwoman I’m in love with the fact that they both toe that line between good and evil (Batman a little more on the good side, Catwoman a little more on the bad side). The fact that they’re so similar with just that slightest touch of difference protects either character from delving too deeply to either extreme. They balance each other out. And they both look fantastic in black. Also, can you imagine some of the conversation? Selina [looking into a shop window]: Ooh, diamonds . . . Bruce [With a sigh]: No . . . no don’t rob the place. Selina, I can buy them for you. Selina: Where’s the fun in that? Golden. 4200720-3746345442-catwo 1378048 4faec369d1aa513d79e8b53eebeb3a4f THE WORST Superman & Lois Lane Hey, Lois is cool on her own. She’s got a great job, even has a black belt from what I hear. Superman is pretty cool on his own too. But together? I googled images for Superman & Lois Lane and the first set of them were all of Superman carrying Lois before she fell off a building or into some lava or blah, blah, blah. What is their relationship even? Lois getting herself into trouble and Clark having to take time out of his actually important business to save her. She’s a distraction. Lois needs to find a man more on her level (lols) and Clark needs to get a girl who’s not going to go falling off a skyscraper every time he turns his back. Terry & Dana I know Dana isn’t a superhero, but she is one of the most annoying love interest known to man. She’s like the cool girl in high school is cool for literally no other reason than the fact that she’s pretty. And I know, this show bubbles over with angsty, hormonal teenagers, but Terry has his stuff together (mostly), Maxine has her stuff together, so why can’t Dana calm down? Why can’t she find any proper clothing? Why can’t she just let Terry do his thing? She’s not so much as a horrible partner than a constant, aching thorn in the side. At least Lois Lane has a cool job and some martial arts training. Get with the program, Dana. tumblr_la9jhg1KdU1qadwvuo1_500 hqdefault Superboy & M’gann For those of you who watched the short-lived show Young Justice (stellar first season, and then they killed it), some of us were more than a little irritated with the relationship that sprung up between Superboy (Superman clone) and M’gann (Martian Manhunter’s niece or something like that). Superman isn’t really that interesting of a character, so when you make him a predictably angsty teenager, he becomes even less so. M’gann was far more interesting–always trying to appropriate “Earth” culture and then screwing it up. But she was also more annoying than she was intriguing. Thus, this inexplicably weird relationship between the two of them felt unnatural, uncomfortable, and unnecessary. Beast Boy & Terra If you didn’t mistrust this girl the minute she made her first appearance, then you need to get your head checked, because Terra was bad news from the beginning. She was a walking disaster. Literally. Sure, she was tragic and troubled, but that’s not as interesting when you have an entire show of tragic and troubled characters (i.e. the entire Teen Titans team and most of their villains–that show was way deep). In the TV show, she was somewhat of a lazy character. Even worse than lazy, she was unsympathetic. I didn’t care about Terra. The only reason I cared a lick about Terra was because she was ruining Beast Boy’s life. Scott & Jean Scott Summers could be the coolest X-Men character if not for his painfully codependent relationship with Jean. Every time Jean’s in the picture, he’s stressing out about her lack of control of her powers, stressing out about her interest in Wolverine, stressing out about their relationship. When she’s not there, he literally cannot function. Like, turns into a vegetable. I like Scott, I really do. But if I were his best friend, I’d tell him to just let Jean go. The girl is a legit psycho and nothing but bad news. Scott-And-Jean-Love-scott-summers-and-jean-grey-37862483-890-414 cyclops-jean-grey Now, upon writing this, I realized the “Worst” couples became so mainly because of the female counterparts. Why is that? Because these women are either unstable, one-dimensional, or lazy. And they don’t need to be. This is one of those cases where the leading ladies could be just as cool as their male counterparts (I’d say Jean Grey is a sign of this, but I’m biased because I literally cannot stand her). We need more comic book writers who are going to take these previously boring women and make them interesting characters. Let the relationships fail because of real reasons, not because you were too lazy to write an interesting character. Of course there are more awesome super hero couples (shout out to Rogue and Gambit), so If you like a better superhero couple or think I’m wrong about one of the couples listed here, let me know in the comments section.


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