Thank God For Spotify Playlists


I love making playlists. But I’m also lazy as hell. But, thank the Lord for Spotify, which has dozens of expertly curated playlists for every situation. Here are a couple of my favorite playlists from Spotify that you should definitely check out.

Newmusic fridayPhoto:

1. New Music Friday

Finding new music has never been made easier. I can’t tell you the number of new artists from each and every genre I’ve discovered by checking into this playlist each week. So, start folding your laundry and get ready to discover some new talent.

the celloPhoto:

2. Sublime String: The Cello

I love the cello. It’s OK if you don’t love the cello, because Spotify has a specific playlist for any number of classical instruments, but if you love the cello, man you’ll be listening to this playlist till kingdom come.

acoustic coversPhoto:

3. Acoustic Covers/Afternoon Acoustic

These two playlists feature covers from your favorite songs that are ethereal, lovely, and sometimes better than the original. One of my favorite songs found off this playlist: a mash-up of Home and Dirty Paws by the Gardiner Sisters.


4. Deep Dark Indie

Sometimes when I write or read, I want to feel a certain mood. This playlist is perfect for generating an eerie atmosphere. Turn it on during a rainy day, grab some Earl Grey, and sit back with a book of Edgar Allen Poe poetry and you’re set.



5. Beastley Finds

OK, so this isn’t a Spotify playlist, but one curated by yours truly. It’s where I place all of my new discoveries and a great place to return to whenever I need some renewed inspiration. While creating playlists is sometimes a stressful endeavor (I mean, picking a name is hard enough), it’s always great to have your Go-To for when you want what you want.

What are your favorite Spotify playlists?

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