White Out


White has so many gorgeous connotations—innocence, light, hope . . . it’s also a killer color (absence of color . . .?) to wear for summer. But sometimes it’s hard to find out how to wear it without looking washed out or boring.

So here are three easy ways to wear white:

1) When I’m thinking ‘bout my baby, it don’t matter if you’re black or white

Black_and_white_1Photo: http://lookbook.nu/katiquette

A white top pair with a black bottom looks bold, distinct and classic. Blogger Katarina V adds a touch of breezy sex-appeal with the plunging neckline and the slight slash in her black jeans for a fun and really easy look.

Black_and_white_2Photo: http://lookbook.nu/hfs

When in doubt, layer. Proper layering is chic and flawless, making you look like you know exactly what you’re doing (even if you don’t). Pillerin H’s leather jacket and circle sunglasses give the outfit that classic rocker-chic finish, complemented perfectly by her white locks above and white booties below.

Black_and_white_3Photo: http://lookbook.nu/look/7594752-Black-Velvet-Skater-Dress-H&M-Kitty-Purrrse

We all have that crisp collared shirt, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out when and where to wear it. I love what blogger Liza L does here, letting her collared shirt peek through a black velvet dress matched with lacy socks. Take a gothic look and give it a pop of white for a distinct contrast. Also, cat purse = perfection.

2) All white top, all white belt, and all white jeans, body looking like milk . . .

White_on_White_1Photo: http://lookbook.nu/chrissyjoy

This crisp, collared shirt rolled up at the sleeves, the cuffed white pants, and the summery heels is the essential Country Club Ready look, made that much more glamorous by blogger Christian R’s fierce gold accents.

white_on_white_2Photo: http://lookbook.nu/pamhetlinger

Everybody talks about the wonders of the LBD, but don’t underestimate the powerful femininity that comes with a Little White Dress—proven by Pam H’s gorgeous cut-out piece: perfect for a breezy beach cover-up or a quaint summer’s day out on the town.


Photo: http://lookbook.nu/katepanth

This look isn’t only white on white, but also lace and lace. The body-forming skirt and crop top puts a flirtatious spin on the classical delicate and innocent nature of white lace. The nude heels give this outfit a clean finish.

3) Pair with Denim (I don’t have a catchy song title for this one—sorry)

Denim_white_1Photo: http://lookbook.nu/collections/971344-white-out#&gid=1&pid=4

Last but not least, who could go wrong with white and denim? Here, Ola S’s slouchy white top and denim mini skirt proves one of the rules of fashion (cover up on top, show a little skin on bottom and vice versa), with a staple pair of Converse as a casual finish.

Denim_white_2Photo: http://itscamilleco.com/

A cute button-up denim skirt paired with a plain white tank gives free reign for any number of accessorizing choices—brightly colored heels, a fun straw hat, and color-blocked bag—for a winning number that’s so easy to put together.

Denim_white_3Photo: http://lookbook.nu/huangbb

But white and denim not only looks casual and fun, it can also be so clean as to hinge on high-fashion. BB Huang’s look here is one of my favorite of the entire bunch, so perfectly simple and utterly chic at the same time, made fabulous by her sleek bob and flawless peach lip.

Featured Photo: http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/fashion-blog/2013/feb/27/white-clothes-worth-effort-vintage-years


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