The DGAF Generation


“So all hail the underdogs

All hail the new kids

All hail the outlaws

Spielbergs and Kubricks”

Renegades, X Ambassadors

I get it. Look, I’ve been there. We all just want to belong, we want to be part of a crowd or a crew or a clique or whatever else kids want to be part of these days. It’s human, to want to be surrounded by others. To feel included. I don’t think inclusion is a bad thing. I’m just against the hive-mind mentality.

I know girls who can’t post an Instagram picture without getting approval from ten other people on whether or not her caption is “too basic.” There are kids who won’t go see a movie because none of their friends want to see it. People don’t want to unfollow someone they can’t stand because they’re afraid of what they might think. People won’t wear this or that because they don’t wanted to be branded as liking this kind of style. I’ve got friends who won’t eat a piece of toast at a restaurant because they don’t want to seem like “fatties.” People who self-deprecate because they want you to tell them “oh my god, you’re not fat” or “come on, you’re one of the prettiest people I know.”

Aren’t you exhausted? Aren’t you tired over stressing over decision because you’re afraid so-and-so might think you’re a loser? Isn’t that a lot to worry about?

Look, I’ve been there. I repressed my overwhelming passion of all things nerdy because I wanted to fit in. I pretended to care about stuff like eyelash curlers and certain musical artists because I thought it would make me seem cooler. I cared about what this girl or this guy thought of me. And you know what? I finally decided that it was a waste of time. Because it is.

Who cares about what you wear? Who cares who you like or what kind of Instagram pic you post or where you sit at lunch? No one should care. And the people who really care about you—your real friends—they aren’t going to tease or demean you for flirting with that guy or eating that entire pizza by yourself or being unnecessarily obsessed with Professor Charles Xavier.

I’m just waiting for the DGAF generation: the generation that embraces their own loves and passions without giving a single thought to what anyone else thinks. The generation who lives, breathes, and acts all in relation to what they want. I’m not talking about a generation of self-centered egomaniacs. We should care about other people, but not so much that it prevents us from living our lives.

I’ve got this friend who is such a cool person—I love her to death. But she wears one face when she’s with me and one face when she’s with everyone else. She says she feels relaxed when we hang out because she knows I’ll accept her no matter what crazy thing comes out of her mouth.

And you know what? That’s sad. It’s sad that she feels like the greater majority of people in her life will judge her for being herself. This has got to stop. There are millions of people out their who are repressing their inner brilliance for fear of being excluded.

Look, I don’t have a million friends or Facebook followers or whatever makes you cool these days. And I’m not saying every day of my life is a jolly old time, but at least I’m pursuing what I love. And the people I surround myself with? They’re just as weird, crazy, and full of life as I am. I never have to worry about wearing or saying or watching or listening to the wrong thing.

Let’s be different. Let’s be the DGAF Generation.


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