So Not The Justice League You Know And Love


But I’m OK with that. Justice League Gods and Monsters may not have been the most stellar animated film I’ve seen from DC, but it’s on the right track. In a time where super heroes are rising in popularity, we don’t need more stories about the heroes we already know and love. These constant iterations of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman—whatever—fighting the same villains and suffering the same super struggles is starting to get old.

Now, like I said before, Gods and Monsters wasn’t the greatest flick. It was riddled with cheesy lines that made me want to cringe, however, the replacement of Clark Kent, Diana, and Bruce Wayne with completely new characters gave my inner geek something to squeal over. We need more of this: more origin stories of characters we’re unfamiliar with, more exploration into unknown worlds. Marvel’s doing it right on the big screen—giving us Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and characters most people have seldom heard of, much less cared for.

But with all of Gods and Monsters faults, I’m sold. Give me more of these stories, give me the chance to feel out these new characters, before I start getting bored with yet another worn-out origin story. It’s time to take some risks.

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