Upcycle Old Magazines Into A Personalized Lookbook


This is for people who still have the Vogue September issue from 2005. Honey, it’s time to clean house.

I know how hard it is to toss that three year-old Nylon with Emma Watson on the cover into the trash-bin—it’s painful, yes, but possible. And lucky for you, I’ve discovered a way you can clear away the fashion-mag clutter while still holding onto style tips from years ago. Turn your old fashion magazines into cool, personalized lookbooks.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 3-ring binder
  • All your old fashion magazines
  • Hole-puncher

1. Tear Out Your Favorite Looks From Old Magazines


This is the time-consuming part. You’ve got to sift through the burgeoning hoard of glossy style-Bibles and carefully rip out those pages that immediately catch your eye. For me, it’s always a black-on-black pantsuit. I can never pass those up.

2. Carefully Hole Punch Your Selected Pages


3. Enter The Pages Into The Binder


Just slide the pages into the binder and voila—your very own lookbook!

And when that binder starts getting a little too full, start another one! Before long, you’ll have a curated selection from a variety of fashion magazines that alludes to your very own personal style. And more shelf space.








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