What I’m Listening To This Week


Song: “Losers” by The Weeknd ft. Labrinth

Best Line: I’m not the type to count on you/Because stupid’s next to “I love you”

Why Listen?

This entire album is one of the chillest I’ve heard in a long time, but this song itself has this gorgeous musical layer that has the subtle complexity of classical music combined with the catchy-quality of pop songs.

The Mindblowingly Beautiful Art of Stefari


Stefari (aka Seattle-based Stef Azevedo) constitutes my latest obsession. I’ve spent many an hour surfing through her stunning artwork on Instagram and Deviant Art, mind-blown by the brilliance of her pieces. Her creativity work unlocks that part of the imagination that reassures you of endless possibilities. Whether it’s the color pallet or the subject of her work, I’ve never been disappointed.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Le Soleil Levant Part 4


Catch up on Part 1-3 here.

It’s a different city the minute the sun sets. Men in polished suits and shoes, women drip with sequins and rhinestones. Everybody dances and drinks and sings in the streets. Fast-paced jazz music pours from the windows and doors of every joint in town, calling in anyone who might pass by with that ragged, sultry sound. Laughter on everyone’s lips, smiles that go on for miles. A touch of hedonism hangs in the air and lightens everyone’s mood. I find myself smiling just walking down the street, an extra skip in my step from the piano and trumpets blaring from nearby cafes.

Feral Fashion


Fashion is a risky business—and the best types of fashion bloggers never play it safe.

That’s why one of my top favorite bloggers is Eugénie Grey—aka killer fashionista Feral Creature, who’s been slaying the game since 2007 with bold statements, various shades in her locks, and that classic winged eyeliner. She’s been featured on Nylon.com more than once, along with Buzzfeed, Refinery29, and NastyGal. Here are my favorite looks from Feral Creature: