Friends With Benefits: This Week’s Netflix Review


Show: Friends with Benefits

Run: 1 Season

I Watched: The entire season


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This show is the most predictable out of all predictable rom-com-esque TV shows (think, New Girl, The Mindy Project, etc. etc.) You’ve got your group of friends, who hang out at a generic bar. There’s the awkward, nerdy guy who became a millionaire off his tech start-up, a beautiful bar tender chick who lives the wild life, your token black guy who’s full of wisdom and charm, and your two main characters: a hopeless romantic doctor looking for love and a serial slacker who wants nothing to do with a serious relationship. Said doctor (Sara) and slacker (Ben) enter into a no-strings-attached relationship that starts the initial drive of the television show.

My Opinion

Despite it’s complete predictability, I really enjoyed this show! The characters were funny, the situations they got themselves into were ridiculous and entertaining. I’m not saying you should put it at the top of your priority list, but it was a great buffer between frustrating episodes of Game of Thrones and creepy-downer episodes of Criminal Minds.

Final Rating

I say, give it a chance. Great time killer.

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