Fashion Week is just getting started. So much to love, so much to see: here are my favorite 20 looks from different shows thus far. What’re your favorites?

Adam Selman


There’s so much to love about this look—the fun choker, the zipper detailing, and of course, that classic denim + white sneakers look. But my favorite part? The floral detail peeking out from the dress. It adds just the right amount of fun, spring intrigue.

Creatures of the Wind


Take the classic leather, rock-star look and flip it inside out. Instead of black, it’s all white. Good look to add to my style tips on how to wear white.



The slip dress gets a sultry wash of gorgeous wine color. Not too many accessories needed with a gown this subtly stunning.



Hell to the yes. I’m all about the sheer, the metallic, the plunging V, and the weird arm sleeves. It’s high fashion of the future.


Assembly New York


This is the kind of dress that stands out, but at the same time doesn’t take itself too seriously. It plays on classic American style and the cut off the dress is the kind that will look fantastic on anybody.


Creatures of Comfort


My favorite part about this look is honestly the ruffled sandals. Yes, the boxy top is adorable and yes, those shorts (skirt?) looks incredibly comfortable, but I’m all about those shoes. Where can I get these shoes?


Ohne Titel


I see this dress and I think futuristic gladiator out for a night on the town. Now, who doesn’t want to be a futuristic gladiator for a night on the town?


Marissa Webb


Lace can be dainty and pretty and feminine, but this lace is all up in your face with the orangey crimson color which I’m utterly infatuated with.


Victor Alfaro


Another all-white combo, this outfit makes me believe turtlenecks may not be all that bad. And the pants look like a prime item for going out and lounging all in one day.


M Missioni


There’s something about big, giant bows that just gets to me. Maybe it’s my high-school-cheerleader or maybe it’s just the fact that it makes me feel like a fabulous present for everybody all day long.


Lyn Devon


I’m in love with matching sets—especially when they come in the same shade. And this deep rose is so enchanting. Add a pair of pearl drop earrings and you’re 50’s housewife ready.


Nickolas K


Nicholas K is the designer I’m going to when the zombie apocalypse hits. My clothes will be comfortable, functional, and hella stylish.


Tia Cibani


The color blocking and draping of the dress is stunning, but I’m really crazy about the flowers in her hair. That bold pop of red and the styling of the flowers makes this outfit everything.


Red Valentino


Who wears short skirts? Me. In Red Valentino. Everything about this dress is bold, dark, and hot with that slightest touch of Victorian snobbery. I’m in love.



Who’s ready for some summer yacht parties? Well, not me because I don’t own a yacht, but at least I’ll look like it in this outfit.


KLS Kimora Lee Simmons


One of my all-time favorite styles is a woman in menswear. This zoot-suit-esque pantsuit needs to be on the red carpet sometime this awards season so I can live vicariously through some celebrity. Rihanna? Angelina Jolie? Any takers?


Tadashi Shoji


The delicate colors and floral embroidery make this one of the most girly dresses this season. Can’t you just imagine this in some impressionist painting of lovely people lounging in the grass?


Tamara Mellon


I’m sensing a trend with these pantsuits. I love this because it’s a little calmer than the Moschino denim jumpsuit, but no less stylish and trendy. It’s also one of those pieces where you literally have no wear no other accessories and you look banging all day long.




Nothing’s more classic than black and white, but Tome takes something that could fringe on bo-ring and turns it into something so effortlessly beautiful.


V Files


Like, I need this now. Where am I going to wear it? Who knows—who cares? I want it. Don’t you?


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