What I’m Listening To This Week


Song: “Losers” by The Weeknd ft. Labrinth

Best Line: I’m not the type to count on you/Because stupid’s next to “I love you”

Why Listen?

This entire album is one of the chillest I’ve heard in a long time, but this song itself has this gorgeous musical layer that has the subtle complexity of classical music combined with the catchy-quality of pop songs.

Song: Holdin On” by Flume

Best Line: Cause I need all the joy you bring, oh!/Hey, I can’t let you go with nobody

Why Listen?

I’m not really an electronic, DJ-fan kind of girl. So, when I tell you that Flume is in a different category altogether, you know I’m serious. Here’s the kind of song you hit a serious groove to or play in the background while studying.


Song: Castles” by Halsey

Best Line: If you wanna break these walls down/you’re gonna get bruised

Why Listen?

I’ve been a fan since “Hurricane,” but Halsey’s breakout album Badlands left me feeling a bit unimpressed. That said, this song saved the entire album from being a complete disappointment. This song is sick and has that sassy bite and danger-chasing edge I love so much about Halsey.


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