What I’m Listening to This Week


Song: “After Midnight” by Dorothy


Best Line: Cause nothing good comes after midnight

Why Listen?

If you’re a fan of Gin Wigmore (as I am) you’re going to love Dorothy. She’s got the same bluesy/rock feel with some killer vocals and that rock and roll DGAF attitude that’ll have you head-banging all night.


Image via crueldazeofsummer.wordpress.com

Song: “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” by Ella Eyre


Best Line: A quick hit, that’s your game/But I’m not a piece of meat, simulate my brain, oh

Why Listen?

Thank you, Ella Eyre. Thank you. This is the kind of song we need, amidst all the pop ballads about talking dirty and stripping down. Not only does this song bring forth a powerful and necessary message, Ella’s voice is stunning. Kick back, close your eyes, and just let this song wash over you.


Image via alphabetpony.com.au

Song: “Borderline – Salvatore Ganacci Remix” by Tove Sky


Best Line: I used to be blind and I still can’t see

Why Listen?

The minute I heard this song, I bought it. It’s got your electronic vibe, a fun singer, and definite island influences. A definite picker-upper. I could totally see this song in some dramatic and intense Nike commercial.


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