North & South: This Week’s Netflix Review


Miniseries: North and South

Run: 4 episodes

I Watched: All of it (in one night)


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Summary: A young woman from South of England (think countryside, pleasant villagers and farmers, lots of pretty flowers) moves with her mother and father to North of England (urban, filthy, lots of factories and bad air quality). This move opens her up to an entirely world and she begins to better understand differences in class systems and the plight of the workers, which puts her at odds with the owner of a dominant factory.

My Opinion: Absolutely watch this. It’s like Pride and Prejudice, but with a little less romantic drama and a lot more political and social commentary. Not to mention the set and costumes are gorgeous, the characters are real and intriguing, and the main factory owner guy is smoking hot.

Final Rating: Tuck in for a night of historical drama.

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