The Oreo Look


While trying to reorganize my Fashion Forward Pinterest board that had accumulated over 3,000 pins, I decided to separate certain styles into more specific categories. I stumbled upon a very specific, very chic look that kept reappearing: an entire outfit created from only white and black items.

Now, I’m sure there’s a name for this, but I’ve coined it The Oreo Look and here are a couple of examples and styling tips as to how to get the perfect Oreo Look for your own fashionista endeavors

Black Pants + White Top


Left to right: Image via A Fine Fashion Frenzy/Image via the boo and the boy


Left to right: Image via Career Girl Daily /Image via The Native Fox

This look is so classy. Every time I see it, it just looks fabulous. Whether you’re wearing black jeans, leggings, slacks, or any variation in between topped with a plain white v-neck or a crisp collared shirt, you absolutely can’t go wrong with this look.


Black and White Gingham


Left to right: Image via Reiss /Image via Lolobu


Left to right: Image via Just a Pretty Style/Image via Impossibly Perfect

The gingham adds a cheery, picnic feel while the black and white keeps it simple. Pair with crisp black heels and a cherry red lip.


Polka Dots or Stripes


Left to right: Image via Who What Wear/Image via Lookbook


Left to right: Image via Le catch/Image via Popsugar

Always adorable and very easy to pair with a black or white addition: black skirt, white shoes, black bag, and so on and so forth.


Graphic Tee


Left to right: Image via Ali Express/Image via Lookbook


Images via Lookbook

Nothing’s more classic than a graphic tee paired with some good old jeans. For The Oreo Look, make sure your tee is all black and white paired with black or white jeans. Or if you want to be a little adventurous, pair the tee with a patterned skirt: gingham, plaid, or any pattern that pleases you.


The Tuxedo Look


Left to right: Image via Who What Wear/Image via Net-A-Porter


Left to right: Image via Feedly/Image via Popsugar

I love this look always: either on the red carpet or for any fancy night out. A crisp tux looks classy on anybody and doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing to really make a statement.


Featured Images from top to bottom/left to right: Image via Les Femmes/Image via Feedly/Image via Death by Elocution




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