What I’m Listening To This Week


Check out what I’m listening to this week:


Image via The Guardian

Song: Heart Hope

Artist: Oh Wonder

Best Line: Cause I need something more than everything/A higher self deep within

Why Listen: There’s something about this song that just puts you at peace. The lulling piano, the ethereal vocals, and the relaxed, hopeful lyrics rises together to create a slow, lovely song that will leave you with a soft smile, instead of leaving you depressed.



Image via Billboard

Song: Checking For You

Artist: R. City

Best Line: I would be right with you right now if I could/You don’t have to ask cause you know that I would

Why Listen: Remember those chill R&B and rap jams in the 90’s that were laid back–not the “turn up” kind of music, but something chill that you can rock out to without going hard? This is your new chill jam, I promise.



Image via Telegraph

Song: I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter

Artist: Frank Sinatra

Best Line: I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter/And make believe it came from you

Why Listen: Really? You need a reason to listen to Frank Sinatra? Just do yourself a favor and put this one on your playlist.


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