Join the Glamhive


I follow a ton of fashion bloggers. But sometimes, it can be frustrating. You know when your favorite fashion blogger has this fantastic outfit and you want to recreate it piece by piece?

No? Nobody? Just me? Well, fine.

But anyway, it’s frustrating, not being able to find the pieces you want to recreate the look for yourself. Well, you don’t need to stress any longer, because I have found the site for you.

Welcome to the Glamhive.

First, follow your favorite fashion bloggers on Glamhive. Then, find a look you love. Next, shop straight from the look.

That’s right. You can go directly from the fashion look to an online store where you can purchase the piece! And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. The more times you shop from Glamhive looks, the more points you get. Points can accumulate to equal gift cards at different retailers like Anthropologie, ASOS, Zara, and tons more!

Are you ready to join the Glamhive? Check it out here! And follow me @HBEASLEY to see my own fashion looks!

Featured image via Twitter.


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