Back in Action


So … I took a little break there.

Sorry about that.

But I’m back and that’s what is important. And with my momentous return to my (obviously well-visited and vastly popular) blog, I’d like to move into a few changes.

So far, this blog has been tasked with exploring various themes in various avenues here and there all of the place from books to social movements to fashion and so on and so forth.

No longer.

As I’ve become more and more drawn to the wondrous world of filmmaking, I have decided to use this existing blog as a means with which I can continue exploring my love of films. I want to use this as a vehicle to share the films I’ve seen, my thoughts on them, and other aspects of the industry.

There will still be a playlist suggestion or a fashion moment from time to time, but for the most part, I think it’s time to choose a focus.

And I’m going to focus on movies.


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