#92: Trainspotting

Image via IMDb

Image via IMDb

Not a new flick, but that’s not what my List is all about. And it was a bit refreshing to see young Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller out and about. If you haven’t seen it, Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting follows Renton and his friends Spud, Sick Boy, Tommy and Begbie on their many adventures through life. Oh and yeah, they’re heroin addicts. Here’s the trailer:

This movie was an experience to say the least. Unflinchingly disgusting, fittingly trippy, moments of hilarity pointed with grim, terrifying reality and bent reality. There were many things that pleased me about this film: from it’s honest and unabashed look at a type of person most people (myself included) explain away and forget, this movie also gave me a wealth of brilliantly interesting supporting characters, surprising and poignant writing as well as a thoughtful use of color, shadows, and interesting, unpredictable yet simple shots.

Obviously, I’m a fan.

Will I watch it again? Who knows. This film did something that I love about certain films: it was absolutely agonizing to watch. I watched this movie on my laptop the way you’d see it in a theater: with no options to press pause, fast forward, or rewind. I had to take in the consistently wonderful shots, quick dialogue, and effective (non-excessive) references along with the film’s own ebb and flow. Hard film to watch, but an important one to see.


One thought on “#92: Trainspotting

  1. Hey! I watched this movie because Mr. Ruff had the movie poster up in class, and I was like “what type of movie is called Trainspotting? Are they hobos who ride trains?”


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