Thelma & Louise

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Image via IMDb

Ridley Scott will forever have my heart because of Blade Runner and I always consider it a treat to have Brad Pitt around, so let’s dig in to what I thought of Thelma & Louise (1991), a wonderful tale of two friends (Thelma, the housewife and Louise, the waitress) who set out to take a weekend vacation and end up fugitives being chased down for murder and armed robbery. Check out the trailer here:

The film began with a cast of characters that were so easy to pinpoint: pretty, naive and oblivious Thelma and slightly world-weary, no-nonsense Louise, but by the end, Louise became emotional and almost listless while Thelma took charge, becoming almost cold and calculating in aiding their survival while her silly girlishness turned to recklessness. What I loved the most about these character arcs is that even though they took place over three days, the change seemed natural, fitting, and undeniably realistic.

A further aspect of realism that resonates in this current time was the girls’ reason for fleeing in the first place; they were so convinced that no one would believe their story of rape: a concept still readily prevalent in this day and age. For this very reason, seeing these girls drive through the countryside with their charming, polite brand of lawlessness didn’t seem wrong, but empowered and right.


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