Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

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Image via IMDb

Written and directed by Emily Ting (shoutout to my female directors!), Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong follows two nights spent between Ruby, a Chinese American visiting Hong Kong and Josh, an American expat now living in the city. It’s available on Netflix and you can check out the trailer here:

I thought this moving was absolutely wonderful. It’s fun, the chemistry here is real and not some forced Hollywood nonsense. The pair – Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg – are incredibly engaging; they’ve got to be since they’re essentially the only characters in the movie. Their conversations flowed from silly to social commentary effortlessly juxtaposed against gorgeous shots of the city, making you feel as if Hong Kong was it’s own character entirely. But more than all of this, this movie captured that feeling of meeting the right someone at the wrong time and attempting to navigate that territory while staying true to yourself. Plus, the ending was fantastic!

Some people may attribute to this film nothing more than an excellent, fun rom-com for a girls’ night in, but I think it’s an important step in changing the industry of filmmaking. Writer and director Emily Ting’s brings us characters who are unabashedly steeped in their culture. Jamie Chung’s characters isn’t just some girl whose ethnicity serves to diversify the film and that’s important and so valuable. I look forward to seeing more film like this in the future!


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