What I’m Listening to This Week


I promise, even though I haven’t been making these posts super regularly, I have been listening to music. So here’s what I’ve been jamming out to lately:

Song: Bad Love

Artist: Caitlyn Scarlett

Best Lines: She won’t stop till she figures out what is fate, because she wants one/The loneliness drives her to the wrong one

Why You Should Listen: This song is about engaging in toxic relationships – whether they be romantic or friendship.So, why should you listen? Well for one, we’ve all been here. Or maybe that’s just me. Nope, it’s all of us. Caitlyn Scarlett’s song is like the best friend – the good friend – who gives you all the right advice. Maybe you’ll listen since it’s to a killer beat. Also, this video is gorgeous, right?


Song: River

Artist: Bishop Briggs

Best Lines: Shut your mouth/Baby stand and deliver

Why You Should Listen: The first time I listened to this song, I immediately listened to it twenty more times – no joke. It’s my perfect mix of eerie, raw, and epic. Between the heavy beats, her gorgeous vocals, and that bass in the back gets me every time. This video is weird AF, but I sort of love it.


Song: Young & Stupid

Artist: Travis Mills ft. T.I.

Best Lines: Don’t need money when you got good weather (Amen to that)

Why You Should Listen: I do not advocate for stupidity, nor am I the biggest fan of hot girls dancing around in their bras (welcome to every video ever). But this song has a great groove and reminds me not to take myself so seriously. Also, this video is making me real homesick for LA.


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