#78: Creed

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The other day, me, my cousins, and some of their friends, took a trip to an outdoor movie theater where the showing of the evening was Creed. Of course, there are many benefits and drawbacks to outdoor films (one of the drawbacks being the incredibly noisy group of women behind us). I’ll have to watch Creed up close and personal eventually, of course, but here is a post detailing my first impressions anyways. Here’s the trailer:

Now, I haven’t seen Rocky – I know, I know, it’s on the list. I was worried about that until halfway into the movie where I didn’t think you really needed to see Rocky in order to understand the stakes of Creed – which is nice. I loved the appearance of Phylicia Rashad as Mary Anne Creed and I’m quite a fan of Tessa Thompson (even though her seemed like a viable Zoe Kravitz rip-off for the entire film). I’m also such a fan of boxing movies. There’s something so pure, straightforward, and motivating about the films and their formula.

But that’s also where part of the problem comes in. It’s a formula. Just like many of the superhero movies studios have been spinning out, this movie was in no ways difficult to follow. Sure, it was enjoyable, but when I left, I didn’t feel as if I was taking anything new with me.

And for some other, sort of minor issues: what was up with Creed’s opponent’s accent? Did he need to have an accent? It didn’t particularly seem vital to the story – just sort of inconvenient. Another issue I had – the graphic stats that popped up maybe twice throughout the entire movie to give you a lot of information you didn’t really need. Who made that decision?

All in all, it was an enjoyable film. Michael B. Jordan is gorgeous, Sylvester Stallone is endearing, and I left the movie ready to join a gym. If you’re looking for that feel-good film to pass an evening with, check out Creed.


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