Contemplations on Workspace


I have a growing interest in workspaces – whether its at an actual desk with all of your pens organized precisely how you like them or whether its the way your belongings explode across your section of the table at the local Starbucks.

I pondered workspaces for a while before I decided to take a few snapshots of where I’ve been working for the past couples of weeks – at the dining room table in my aunt’s house.


I don’t care what anyone says, pink highlighters are the best highlighters.

I’m the kind of girl who likes a lot of space. Cramped desks put me in slight desperation, but with a nice, long table, I can spread out all of my things around me – creating a little fortress for myself out of books and Post-It Notes and the sprawling, tangled earbuds.

And while I can sit at a computer for hours, sometimes I get distracted. OK, I’m very easily distracted. Sometimes, a song on my Spotify playlist invokes ideas for choreography and I have to put it on replay, scribbling down moves and turns and jumps down into the nearest notebook.


This book is doing a lot to change how I think of narration and picking a voice in which to tell a story.

Other times, I just need a change of pace. In that case, I keep books nearby. Currently, I’m reading Girl, Interrupted, White is For Witching, and Infinite Jest (this one’s giving me some real trouble. Like, where are your paragraphs??).


At my school, there’s a cafe where you can get an Earl Grey milkshake and it literally changed my life.

And when the muse strikes me (or, more likely, fails to strike, but I muster up the courage to write anyways), I must always have a mug of something hot to drink while I write. When I’m feeling particularly uninspired, that’s strong coffee with three heaping spoonfuls of sugars at the least. If it’s a foggy day and I’ve got a wealth of stories bursting inside my head, a nice steaming cup of Earl Grey will do.


I have a terrible track record for earbuds. I bought these in a 2-pack for $5. Still going strong.

And of course, music. Sometimes, I set a playlist up for whatever I’m trying to write. Sometimes, I just let the music play – setting the beat for the speed with which I tap at the laptop keyboard. I can’t work without music. In fact, how can anyone work without music?

So, what does your workspace look like?


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