What I’m Listening To


Image of Alessia Cara via The Guardian


Song: Alarm

Artist: Anne-Marie

Favorite Line: Karma is a bitch, yeah/Same way they come that’s the way they go

Why Listen: Well, for one: it’s super funky. And whether or not you’ve ever been in this situation, we’ve all had someone who’s let us down. Might as well fume to a good beat.



Song: Wild Things

Artist: Alessia Cara

Favorite Line: You tell me to tread/I’d rather be a wild one instead

Why Listen: This is one of those songs you play while driving down the street, windows rolled down, all of your favorite friends packed into the car as you speed off to your next great adventure. It just taps into that youthful freedom and fearlessness to be who you are.



Song: Desperado

Artist: Rihanna

Favorite Line: You need me, there ain’t no leaving me behind

Why Listen: Speaking of another type of adventure … I can still see you cruising to this song (in a Monte Carlo perhaps?), but it’s much cooler, confident, and has that seductive edge that’s oh so Rihanna.


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