Sing Street

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My dad hates accents. He refuses to watch the brilliance of the Sherlock TV series for the sole reason that he can’t stand their accents. When this film began and I was plunged into the throng of thick, sometimes indecipherable Irish accents, my primary thought was that my father would never see this movie. But you should.

John Carney’s Sing Street (2016) follows the tale of a boy in Dublin in the 80s who starts a band for the sake of getting close to this super cool girl.

Between the pseudo swag of these scrawny, awkward teens to the quick, dry lines delivered with complete seriousness to the ever changing nature of their outfits to resemble their favorite 80s music icons, I laughed through this entire movie. The characters are golden and earnest, their band’s music is really very good (“Drive It Like You Stole It” is my new teen anthem, even though I’m not a teen anymore), and the painful storyline of a family struggling through their parent’s separation is just as poignant as if we were living it ourselves.

The film plays up that tried and true coming-of-age lesson that we should accept who we are, be who we are, and stand up to those who try to make us believe otherwise. And while this is a keenly important message for teenagers, it’s important for all of us. This isn’t just some teen movie. It’s a great flick for anyone and everyone and I insist you check it out.

And download the soundtrack. Like, immediately.


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