Magic in the Moonlight (Review)

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Image via IMDb

There are plenty of 1920s representations on screen; so many of them shove that Roaring Twenties glimmer in your face – not so with Magic in the Moonlight (Woody Allen, 2014).

The upbeat music, gorgeous fashion (Aunt Vanessa’s staid beaded necklace being my favorite accessory), and glossy cars were felt, not forced. Beyond the time and place, what really stood out were the characters – primarily Emma Stone as the truly endearing American psychic and Colin Firth’s insistently disagreeable Stanley.

My favorite moments from the film came from these two characters’ time spent together and the natural back and forth in their dialogue. For other moments of dialogue ran too long for the most part – saying in far too many words which could’ve been done succinctly.

That being said, there’s something delightful in the camera work of this film: holding on a pair of characters as their interaction develops and changes. It’s a fine break from all of the quick cutting we see so often and allows characters time to really fill a scene with all of their wonderful idiosyncrasies.

Not on my list of films to see, but definitely enjoyable nonetheless – who wouldn’t enjoy Colin Firth, after all?

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