Betta Have My Budget


Yayo. Yayo. Moo-la-lah. Yayo. B*tch betta have my-


Cause even though I crave RiRi style, I don’t have a fraction of her funds and I’m definitely not ballin bigger than LeBron. So, I’ve created a new segment called Betta Have My Budget. I’m going to take a peek at RiRi’s fantastic looks, then see how I can slay the same way without spending all my savings.


Look #1 is classic Rihanna – taking something comfy/grungy/ordinary and with a couple of accessories and some sweet makeup, knocking up the chic till your street-style ready.

While you can’t necessarily strut the streets of LA in Loubs, maybe these rose-embroidered heeled boots from Charlotte Russe will come a close (and far more affordable) second. I love this big graphic T from Forever 21 Men. Why pick from the men’s section, you ask? I think it’s a well known secret among ladies that shirts from the men’s section fit better (who wants fitted when you can have comfy oversized?) and feel better (they’re just so soft). And yes, while Rad may have “cooler” tees, F21 has comparable styles at preferable prices.


Rihanna would be able to pull off a T-shirt and boots flawlessly alone, but she adds some accessories to finish off the look, the quirky frosting on the cake. First things first – the hat, in our case, a baseball cap. Maybe not as Parisian as RiRi’s beret, but c’est la vie. While found my fave beret for $1 at the local Goodwill, it might be easier for you to pick up one of the many $10 baseball caps from Rue21 – like this adorable vintage red cap featuring my favorite breakfast treat – a sprinkled donut.

Snap on a charming chain from Charming Charlie’s and you’re nearly there. Last thing is the lip. Once again, RiRi could’ve swiped up some simple gloss. Did she? Course not. Lavender all the way. And while you might want to select the violet hue to best match your makeup methods, I’m madly in love with this particular shade from Katy Perry’s Cover Girl line.

And what is this full-service head-to-toe Rihanna original gonna cost us? $73.

Now, you can talk that talk to me.


Rihanna Picture via Marie Claire

1) Human Condition shirt ($18) via Forever 21

2) Sprinkled Donut Baseball Hat ($9.99) via Rue21

3) Mixed Chains Bracelet ($10) via Charming Charlie’s

4) Katy Kat Matte Lipstick ($7.99) via CoverGirl

5) Rose Embroidered Ankle Boots ($27.29) via Charlotte Russe

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