How IAMKARENO Styles Graphic Tees


Who loves IAMKARENO (aka beauty/style vlogger Karen Yeung)??

Everyone raises their hands.

Yeah, me too. Sometimes, the style muse doesn’t come to you and you need to search for a little fashionista inspiration. Personally, I find myself falling into the same old outfit choices and once I’m locked into a uniform, it’s hard to break out of that bubble. Checking out my favorite fashion bloggers always seems to do the trick.

So here’s a breakdown of how Karen styles a graphic tee 4 different ways:

A Little Bit Of Classic Layering 


Everyone thinks of just wearing the shirt first – not Karen. Why not get a long-sleeved shirt and pop your graphic tee right over it? Perfect for chilly weather and adding another dimension to your look, whether it’s color-blocking or adding some patterns like Karen does with her striped shirt.


Scarf Of Approval

K2_giphy (1)

Hmm? If only I could find an accessory that’s chic, timeless, and tons of fun to play around with … Oh yeah, a scarf! Watching this video, I could imagine the scarf would pick – silk, bold cheetah print surrounded by a cherry red border. The fun part is, it doesn’t have to “match.” And if your graphic tee is especially grungy, pick a girly scarf for a fun little juxtaposition.


Bomb Bombers and Amazing Minis

K3_giphy (2)

I fell in love with bomber jackets after seeing Ryan Gosling in Drive (didn’t we all?) and I’ve loved mini skirts since birth (or maybe sophomore year of cheerleading? Who knows?). Anyways, this look brings both of my fave things together in a look that’s at once nostalgic and flirty. It’s like Karen should be on the set of some teen romantic comedy or something.


White on White on White (With a Little Bit of Graphic Tee)

giphy (3)

If you’re like me, then you’ve definitely run into the following dilemma: OMG. What do I wear to match my white pants with my white denim jacket? What do I wear?? Thankfully for all of us, Karen solved that problem. Her white on white look is the dictionary definition of Easy Breezy Beautiful and a flawless way to give your graphic tee the perfect pop.

Dying to check out Karen’s full video? Find it here.


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