Five Trailers That Have Me Freaking Out




I honestly could care less about Batman vs. Superman. I’m all about the Suicide Squad. This cast is the stuff of dreams—freaking Viola Davis, a tricked-out Jared Leto, and yes, thank you God for Cara Delevigne. T-Swift’s Bad Blood was just a rehearsal for this flick. Harley Quinn is my new style inspiration (also, down for her prison work-out routine).


I’m always a fan of the creepy, lilting music backing real violent action in the foreground. I’m also convinced this movie will inspire me to get a Suicide Squad tattoo–who’s with me? But, WTF is up with that random panda bear with a gun in the trailer?



I already know Fassbender can do an excellent rendition of a tortured soul (Magneto, Mr. Rochester, etc.), so his Macbeth is going to be fantastic, as will his leading lady with Marion Cotillard. The glimpses of cinematography we get in this trailer shows gorgeous shots—I can already see how much fun the filmmakers had with contrasts between light and dark. The few clips that show light streaming through a cross-shaped window in a wall are stunning.


Of course the costuming is lovely and the delivery of the classic Shakespeare is already giving me chills: “I am in blood, stepped in so far . . .”



I’m excited for this movie for a number of reasons. 1) I’m always down to see actors play multiples of themselves (The Parent Trap, Orphan Black). 2) Something about plotlines that involve the strength between brothers just somehow gets to me (any Supernatural fans out there?), so this will be double the fun.


3) As some of you may now, gorgeous costumes are a weakness of mine; sleek suits are practically my kryptonite and this trailer was full of them. 4) Finally, the brothers’ last name is Kray. Can it get any better than this?



I’m a simple girl when it comes to straight action movies. I like there to be all the things that make up a good action movie: cool city shots, sleek characters, interrogation room craziness, fun gadgets, car chases, explosions, complicated backstories, training scenes, guns (lots of guns), and pretty cars (damn, that cherry red Audi, though).


From what I’ve seen so far, Hitman Agent 47 meets all of my criteria.



I’ll start this off by saying I’m an insane Mia Wasikowska fan. She’s brilliant in everything I’ve seen her in (if you haven’t watched The Double, Jane Eyre, or Only Lovers Left Alive it’s time to have a movie night). So when I learned she was playing in a beautifully terrifying Guillermo del Toro film aside Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam, and real-life Disney prince Tom Hiddleston, I was sold.


The period costumes, lovely touches between bright colors and creepy darkness, and this house that’s the stuff of imaginative nightmares gone wild—I’m ready for all of it and more.

What trailers have you excited? Let me know in the comments section!


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